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About CMK-IT Selections Inc

CMK-IT Selections Inc Selections, established in 1999, was founded due to a request on the part of many estates for the services listed below. The focus of the Consultation is not to sell wine, it is rather to better prepare each estate under Consultation to better program and develop their sales worldwide.

Why a program?
Programs are essential for determining the future of the estate, allowing for a foundation from which the estate can evolve in the future. Programs are developed based upon production forecasts, goals of the producers, limitations or growth of the property and are determined on an individual basis, each estate having its own idiosyncrasies and requirements. Programs for the international market are complementary to those established for the domestic market, each sector working symbiotically with the other.

Development requires time and faces many challenges as times change, challenges arise and estates slowly evolve. Throughout this critical time, constant interfacing is required to listen to the markets, resolve problems, gain trust and fidelity within the markets.

Eyes and ears are required in order to gain a better understanding of the International Markets. The exchange of viewpoints and relating to individual market needs are essential to the continual evolution of an estate.

A glass of wine

Meet our Team


Colleen Marie Mc Kettrick

President and Founder

Dear Friends and Partners,

It is with profound sadness that CMK-IT Selections Inc announces the passing of its founder, Colleen McKettrick on September 13, 2018.

For over 20 years CMK-IT Selections Inc has been uniting boutique vintners with distribution channels throughout the world. It was the vision of Colleen and also the mission of CMK-IT Selections Inc to continue this passion of fostering positive relationships globally.

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