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Il Follo 



The farm, located in the area of Valdobbiadene on the famous foothill of Cartizze, consists of five hectares of vineyards and a small cellar where wine is produced following modern oenological techniques. In our area family names originated from the specific work of the family members over the centuries.

‘Follador’ comes from ‘follare l’uva‘ that in the Veneto dialect still means to press grapes in order to make wine.

Short Info

Owner: Vittorio Follador
Winemaker: Vittorio Follador
Varietals planted: Glera, Pinot Noir
Total acres: 5 hectares of property
Soil: Hillside, calcareous, loamy
Winery production: 250.000 bottles

Who we are

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The Follador Family

The origin of many surnames existing today was formed, over the centuries, by the type of work that was practiced by people.

The "Follador" were those who ... read more

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Meet Il Follo 

Farmhouse in Valdobbiadene


Luca Follador for Il Follo winery

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