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Lombardia (Lombardy) is a region in northern Italy that stretches south from the Swiss border to the tip of the peninsula. Milan (Milano), the country's second most populated city and one of the wealthiest, is its capital and largest city. Tourists are familiar with Lombardy for Milan itself—Malpensa airport, La Scala, and the Duomo—as well as the magnificent Lake Como. Lombardia is arguably best known in the wine industry for the classic-method sparkling wines of Franciacorta. The region's vineyards cover 24,705 ha (61,000 acres), with 5 DOCGs, 21 DOCs, and 15 IGPs. Lombardia produced 1.5 million hl (16.4 million cases) of wine in 2020, half of which was white and half red/rosato. Croatina is the region's predominant grape variety (17 percent ), Pinot Nero (14%), Chardonnay (13%), and Barbera (12%).


Map: By TUBS - CC BY-SA 3.0,

Ronco Calino bottles on the small table

Ronco Calino Estate

Organic Franciacorta

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