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Maesta della Formica


Biodynamic - Riesling

In the territory of the Apuan Alps , at about 1050 meters above sea level in the locality of La Foce , in the municipality of Careggine , Maestà della Formica was born in February 2013. Located on a large plateau devoted to agriculture since very ancient times , and today unfortunately partly abandoned, the farm extends for about 1 ha with a south, south-west exposure on the slopes of Mount Sumbra . Strong summer day / night temperature variations, abundant snow in the winter months, springs with mild sunny days, together with the excellent nature of the soil, are the characteristics that make this area the most suitable for the crops.


Biodynamic crops in support of the vine project


The crops , in biodynamic agriculture, arise from the need to support the vine project , or rather the planting of the first Riesling vineyard in the Apuan Alps.

All agricultural productions are ICEA certified organic. It is very difficult to obtain certification for the Maestà della Formica preserves, since there are almost always wild ingredients that are difficult to certify Bio.

In addition to the land in Careggine, the company has land in the localities of Campo in the municipality of Gallicano , of Roccalberti in the municipality of Camporgiano , of Cascio in the municipality of Molazzana , of Antisciana in the municipality of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana , where there are fruit crops , olive tree, vine.

Short info


Owner: Andrea Elmi, Marco Raffaeli
Winemaker: Andrea Elmi
Varietals planted: Rhine Riesling, Malvazia, Trebbiano, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Schiava, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo, Moscato d'Amburgo, Bonarda, Gamay, Pollona, Cararesa, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc

Total acres: 3.2 hectares.
Winery production: 15.000 bottles

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Meet Maestà della Formica

Because you have to know where it comes from.


Andrea Elmi presents Maestà della Formica


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