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Tenuta Monteti 


Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Alicante-Bouschet

Tenuta Monteti is located in Tuscany, in the southern Maremma district. It is right here, between the Mediterranean scrubs and woods, south of Capalbio, that Paolo Baratta together with his wife Gemma after a long search found the perfect spot to fulfill his ambition: to produce wines of great personality and elegance, which are true expressions of their territory. The vine plantation started in 1999. During the preparation of the land the diggers encountered some gigantic boulders. Due to their monumental beauty, they were gently extracted and placed along the alleys and between the vineyards, standing out like guardians. Naturally, they have become the symbol of the estate.
Tenuta Monteti is today a family run winery with the full participation of daughter Eva and her husband Javier Pedrazzini. Two IGT reds are produced, Monteti and Caburnio. Meticulous care of the vines, selection and research are the watchwords of their work.
“Tenuta Monteti is one of the most exciting properties on the Tuscan coast.” A. Galloni, WA 2010

Short Info

Owner: Paolo and Gemma Baratta
Winemaker: Carlo Ferrini (consultant), Christian Coco (resident enologist)
Agronomist: Roberto Rossi
Varietals planted: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Alicante-Bouschet.
Total acres: 28 hectares of vineyard
Soil: Soil of good stony structure with a substratum of clay. Drainage is excellent yet it retains moisture deep down.
Winery production: 150.000 bottles

News & Awards


Gambero Rosso, Vini d’Italia 2020

Caburnio 2015 Tre Bicchieri


Monteti 2015, 96/100

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Wine Enthusiast, buying guide

Monteti 2010, 94 Points - Caburnio 2011, 92 Points

Decanter 2015 World Wine Awards

Monteti 2010, Bronze Medal


Meet Tenuta Monteti 

Capalbio - Toscana


Eva Baratta and Javier Pedrazzini talks about Monteti winery


- Tasting of Caburnio with Eva Baratta and Javier Pedrazzini here

- Tasting of Monteti with Eva Baratta and Javier Pedrazzini here

- Tasting of TM Rose with Eva Baratta and Javier Pedrazzini here

- Eva Baratta for Susttainability for Tenuta Monteti here

- Tenuta Monteti short presentation video here

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