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Veneto is a region of northeastern Italy near the Adriatic Sea. Venice (Venezia) is its capital and largest city, though Verona is nearly as large. Tourists travel to Veneto largely to see the famed city of Venice and Romeo and Juliet's balcony in Verona, but the region also includes Padua (Padova), Vicenza, the Dolomite Alps, and Lake Garda. Veneto is best known in the wine industry for its red Valpolicella (including Amarone), white Soave, and sparkling Prosecco. It has the most DOCGs (14), 29 DOCs, and 10 IGPs. Veneto is the most productive Italian wine region, with its vineyards generating 10.8 million hl (120 million cases) of wine in 2020, enough to rank fifth or sixth in the world if Veneto were included independently. Veneto produces more than 80% white wine, the most of any Italian region, owing primarily to Prosecco and Delle Venezie, with 78 percent at the DOP level. Glera, Garganega, Merlot, Corvina, and Pinot Grigio are the region's principal grape types.


Map: By TUBS - CC BY-SA 3.0,

Valdobbiadene view

Il Follo


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