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As one of the most important wine-producing areas, Crete has gradually contributed to the new era of Greek wine. Crete is a driving force behind a bright future for Greek wines thanks to its many unique grape types, size as the most significant island in Greece for wine production, extraordinarily complicated landscape, and popularity as a tourist destination... Read more


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Most of the vineyards in Santorini are found in the southern and southwestern part of the island, on soil of volcanic origin (Therean ash and pumice) and sandy composition, with virtually zero moisture capacity and organic matter -which explains the absence of phylloxera. White varieties hold sway in the vineyards of Santorini, with Assyrtiko being the most prominent cultivar on 1,700 acres and the aromatic  ... Read more


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Diamantakis winery cellar

Crete, Diamantakis Winery

Love and Passion for wine

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