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Moschopolis Winery

Monopigado, Thessaloniki, Macedonia

Organic - Mavrotragano, Xinomavro, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Assyrtiko, Viogner, Vidiano, Malagousia

Moschopolis Winery was founded in 2016, based on the privately owned family organic vineyard in the village of Monopigado in the district of Thessaloniki Greece. The vineyard has been active since 2001 and it is located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, facing the mythical Mount Olympus. 

The vineyards of the winery are largely privately owned (19 hectares). There are also special collaborations with vineyard owners, with whom there is close cooperation for the management of the vineyards according to the principles of the winery, as we are using certified organic and regenerative farming practices. This gives us the possibility of absolute control over the quality of the grapes that arrive at the winery.

At all stages of the production process, advanced scientific methods are used. Starting with viticulture, where innovative vine support systems are implemented, for better natural protection of plants against diseases and other harmful factors. In the winemaking process, the winemaking philosophy of the Winery is that of producing terroir wines, which will express the special characteristics of the area, applying low oenological interventions.

Short Info

Owner - Winemaker: Theodoros  Germanis

Year founded: 2016
Varietals planted: Mavrotragano, Xinomavro, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Assyrtiko, Viogner, Vidiano, Malagousia 
Total acres: 19 (11 in production - 5 planted)

Terroir: 3 vineyards and microclimates from 150 to 950 m.a.s.l.


Meet Moschopolis Winery

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