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The majority of Piemonte (Piedmont), which borders France to the west and Switzerland to the north and almost reaches the Mediterranean coast, is located in northwest Italy. Turin is its largest and most populous city (Torino). Piemonte is well known for its picturesque landscape and superb gastronomy, but it lacks the tourist attractions that some other Italian areas do. The two giants of the wine industry, Barolo and Barbaresco, as well as other well-liked red wines made from Barbera and Dolcetto, the white Gavi, and sparkling Asti, are what make Piemonte most famous. It is tied with Toscana for the most DOCs (41) and has the most DOCGs (18) of any area, however there are no IGPs.

The average amount of wine produced in 2020 was a little under 2.6 million hl (28.6 million cases), with a 60-40 preference for red wines and an astounding 94% at the DOP level. In 2020, there were 43,872 ha (108,400 acres) of vineyards in the area. Barbera (31%), Moscato (22%), Dolcetto (13%), and Nebbiolo (10%) are the main grape varietals grown there.


Map: By TUBS - CC BY-SA 3.0,


La Chiara

Cortese di Gavi

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