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Puglia (Apulia) is the heel of the Italian peninsula, going up the Adriatic coast to the "spur" of the boot. Bari is its capital and major city. Puglia, one of Italy's least mountainous areas, is a key agricultural area, producing grapes and wine as well as other products. Puglia is still relatively unknown in the wine market, but as quality continues to improve, its wines are gaining popularity. It has four DOCGs, 28 DOCs, and six IGPs. Puglia's production has expanded dramatically in recent years, increasing by 70% during the last decade. It currently produces 9.8 million hl (108 million cases) of wine each year, comfortably claiming second place among Italy's wine-producing regions, a position previously held by Emilia Romagna and Sicilia (Veneto continues to rule the roost). Puglia's DOP production is only 7% of the total, since the region continues to concentrate on bulk wines from its 88,040 ha (217,500 acres) of vineyards. Sangiovese (15%), Primitivo (14%), Negroamaro (14%), and Trebbiano (14%) are the region's main grape varietals (13 percent ).


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Alberto Longo cellar

Alberto Longo

Negramaro, Primitivo, Nero di Troia

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