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The Times about Paris Sigalas

"... On the northern tip of the island above Oia, a Santorini wine legend has begun a whole new experiment at an age when most people start taking it easy. Paris Sigalas, 75, has revamped the family canava (wine cave) and launched Oeno P, a tiny project with no tanks or barrels, just a clutch of amphorae — giant terracotta vessels to ferment the wine — and an ocean view. Production is minuscule and prices high, but the wines are exceptional. “It wasn’t economic, it was existential,” he says of his decision to sell the large Sigalas winery (still thriving nearby, with a restaurant amid the vines) and start over. He is much happier — and so is anyone lucky enough to taste his Tria Ampelia Pithari, wild-fermented assyrtiko from a single vineyard. A happy ending to an existential crisis..."

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